Roblox is a free online platform where users can build their own games using the same programming language that was originally used to create the popular virtual world Second Life. Users are able to create their own games and build their own virtual worlds, which other users can then download and play online, or create their own games on Roblox. In the early days of Roblox, the games were set up in a fashion similar to the DC Comics universe, and were frequently themed as video games. However, now the creations can be anything, from a simple game to a fully-fledged virtual world with its own economy, laws, and community. In an online “game” on Roblox, users create and build virtual games within an online world using the Roblox Programming System. The language with which they can code and create within Roblox is similar to JavaScript. The language used to program and create games is Lua. Lua is a visual programming language, written in C, with a Smalltalk style syntax. It comes with many features not found in most other programming languages, including coroutines, pattern matching, a special kind of type checking, and a built-in debugger. Roblox also has a game engine built in, designed to be easy to program. This was inspired by the Unity game engine, an open-source platform for game creation. Roblox was initially created for the development of virtual worlds, but it has expanded into a multifaceted platform for interactive storytelling, with games and stories designed specifically for children. Roblox Corporation was founded in April of 2005 by Erik Cassel and David Baszucki with the help of five other close friends. The founders originally intended Roblox to be a educational platform, much like LEGO Mindstorms. In May 2005, they released the Roblox Programming System (RPS) to the public. From this point, Roblox was designed to be not only a game platform and virtual world, but also a medium through which players and their creations could interact with each other. Roblox expanded rapidly, and there were over two million registered accounts by the middle of 2007. In October 2008, the company was officially released from its founding members. In September 2009, the Company signed a deal to license its technology to Disney, permitting Disney to develop games using the licensed technology. In November 2010, Disney confirmed that it would be producing a new Disney-branded virtual world game system under the


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