Torrentz2 is a very new torrent site, having only been up since October 2012. Torrentz had a lot of features, including a search bar. They also had a lucky draw which selected 10 new games every month. Unfortunately, this service is no longer available and you can only currently torrent from the main category pages.

Arguably the most popular legal website to download cracked and full versions of games. GOG has an ever-growing game library, and they offer plenty of games from different genres at reasonable prices. The addons are also all DRM-free, which means your GOG games will work on a wide variety of devices. Some of the most popular games on the site include Shadowrun and Orcs Must Die!.

One of the oldest torrent sites on the internet, Mininova is the home of many old games. Mininova now offers a search bar, making the site way easier to navigate. Mininova also provides you with extensive information about the games youre about to download including screenshots, game reviews, and you can even choose the format of the game.

TorrentReactor isnt just a torrent tracker, its also a game store. If your not sure about downloading a torrent, look for games on TorrentReactor. The site is full of games you can buy at a low price. You can search the site for specific games, and they are all sorted alphabetically. Top hit games on the site include Dungeons and Dragons, Starcraft, and many more.

ModDB is probably the friendliest gaming site on our list, and you can download games from it in many different languages. Once you enter the site, just click on the games you want to download, and youll be brought to ModDBs PC app for Windows. From here, just click to download the game and install it. The installer is a small program, and its perfect for saving space.