In general, you can expect to find more pirate apps than original software if you find and download them from places like Google Play, Microsoft Store, and Apple iTunes, but for the best prices and the widest selection, you should always check out the online storefronts for these programs. When you get to these websites, make sure you set up a good passcode for the device you are using in case the program asks for it.

Websites like Google Play and Apple iTunes offer some of the most popular programs youll find cracked. The selection on these sites can be overwhelming, so youll need to narrow down your search with the following criteria:

Most of the time, your only choice is the free option, which is usually an ad-supported version. For your best chance at the full, no-ads version, be sure you know what youre getting before you download, which is easy to do if you just use these simple tips. Note that some ad-supported versions work better on certain devices than others. For example, the Google Play store on Android phones supports fast Wi-Fi or LTE data, so you may be able to play an ad-supported game without a data cap. On the iPhone, you cant do this unless you download a Wi-Fi hotspot on your device, although you can still use the phone as a hotspot without data restrictions.

Some cracklings have a smaller file size than the original full version, which saves you time and energy. You can usually spot these cracks if the game or program name includes the word “Lite,” “Demo” or “Free” in the title. If you can find a crack that looks better-looking than the original, it might be worth downloading and giving it a try to see if the user interface matches the rest of the game or application.