It is impossible to determine in advance which sites are going to be cracked, but there is one thing you can do to increase your chances. In the Hacks&Cracks page, you will notice that a number of the links have a pattern of digits after the domain name. These digits are used by many cracked sites to indicate which operating system the software is for. You can use this to narrow your search or to find reliable cracking sites.

In Windows, you can use WUAUBCD to find cracked software (note that you might need to have Windows installed, depending on what you are looking for). In Linux, you can use nix to find cracked software. See GNU distros list to find Linux versions of your favorite software. : This site provides you the most popular cracked applications for Android, iOS, PC, Windows and more. They have hundreds of applications and games that are cracked free of cost. You can download these applications and games easily with one click on the website.

Nowadays, you are most likely to encounter an illegal file on the internet if youve ever searched for it. It may have come from a website or one of the many download trackers that are available on the web.

This web server that distributes illegal software is one of the most popular. Like other sites that provide pirated software for free, this one has its name in the world of piracy not just because it is incredibly popular but also because of its usefulness to its users. Though officially it has been blocked and closed by the authorities when its creators were found guilty in their court trial, the website like all pirate sites is still accessible through proxy websites.