DoNotDownloadThisSoftware: A search engine for intellectual property such as software, music, books, movies and TV. The purpose of this project is to increase awareness about the dangers of downloading cracked software and monitoring all the web sites where software is sold illegally.

On Google’s terms and conditions page, it is very explicit that you will be selling traffic, they will be tracking every single IP and redirecting them to you websites. Not only that, if you advertise the index in the search results, it’s a violation.

Downloadalldeals: Add your URL and it’ll find the best download deals for you, including download codes, free trials and more. Simply upload the URL of any site, it’ll find you the best deal on that site. You can download the app for free on the Appstore.

iXiplist: A very helpful website for finding downloads such as games, software programs, music, apps, movies, books, and much more. The search bar allows you to find almost anything on the Web. Just search and you will be taken to the site for the download.

EbookSkipper is another popular ebook torrent site that is a decent alternative to worldebooks. EbookSkipper was founded in 2006 and supports searches for download a books based on their editorial review and their popularity. Apart from ebooks, it hosts other document resources like pdfs and mp3 files.

EbookReader is the most preferred ebook torrent site by those who want to get hold of an eBook in ebook format. It is the only site that allows you to search for popular books that can be used or read online without downloading them. Unlike many other websites, this site allows you to search for books based on their language, category, genre, and popularity to make it easy for you to find the book of your choice.