===Setting=== Roblox is a sandbox-style, real-time multiplayer game hosting and creating platform that was created by two American developers named David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. Roblox serves as a game developing, gaming, and game-hosting platform where people can create a profile, play games, watch videos, play with friends, shop for in-game items, chat, meet up, or potentially complete with a challenge. The third-person combat video game inside of Roblox hosts, and has players fight each other within a virtual world that can be customized with a multitude of different elements. Some elements include houses, vehicles, roles, pets, clothes, and weapons. Players can improve their gameplay and online experience by customizing their real-life personas through the creation of avatars. In 2006, the first version of Roblox was released to a few alpha testers after being developed for two years. Roblox was released in its first public beta in February 2008, and has been in continuous development since its inception. Roblox supports languages such as English, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. Additionally, the platform is available in playable form in Czech, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Greek, with more languages being added yearly. Since its inception, Roblox has become one of the most popular sites for video games and gaming. The Roblox platform, game, and game-hosting system has grown tremendously in the past decade. Currently, Roblox has more than 9.5 million daily active users, and more than 5.9 million monthly active users across the web. The second-to-second gameplay experience usually focuses on three main elements: games, game play, and virtual pets. The first two elements of Roblox have been growing and developing since the launch in 2006. As for the virtual pets, the first iteration was primarily a launcher with a few basic behaviors. ===Game Structure=== Most games and interactions with other players are done by the player’s character, or avatar, in the game. Players can customize their avatars as they see fit, and can enter the homes of other players, as well as creations of their own. The layout of a typical Roblox house is also user customizable, and has elements such as a living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom. Many elements of a player’s avatar can also be customizable, such as eye color, hair


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