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[Film Indonesia] London Love Story

Kolkata, 12 December 2009, Sunday – BBC News – World – Published on: Wednesday, 12 December 2009 20:50 GMT. Thousands of people have spent the day watching human chains linked together in the city, to protest at this year’s Commonwealth Games. The move is the latest in a series of controversial protests by the organisers of the Games, involving the imprisonment of opponents. But the crowds in Kolkata have remained largely quiet, except when police dispersed them briefly at lunchtime. Around 200 people have been arrested in the city and other venues over the last two days. ‘Drug addiction’ The organisers claim they are only targeting members of the Aum Shinriko religious cult. They say the majority of protesters are part of the cult. “We are students from a university where a professor is also involved in this group,” said Jayanta Roy, a member of the protest team. “He is an adviser to the organising committee of the Commonwealth Games.” Mr Roy said that the group targeted the university because “this is how the police are going to trace us”. “We know that professor has drug addiction and we have heard that he took part in criminal activities in the past. “Some of the people we arrest might be his partners.” Officials from the West Bengal police said the protesters had made some useful arrests. “We have arrested about 100 people and the other group of protesters has gone in different directions,” said top police official Arindam Sengupta. He said the protesters had blocked traffic on the road on Thursday and that the police had made detentions in that area. “But it was not a big crowd. In areas where there are schools, children were running around as the protesters were blocking the road.” Officials said the protests were organised and inspired by the Aum members based in Japan. Lethal response Indian police have carried out a series of arrests in the lead up to the protest, although they had threatened to use more force if the protests got out of hand. Authorities around the country have reported violence and vandalism in connection with the protests. Three men – one of whom was killed and two others injured – have been charged for the killings of two protesters and the deputy commissioner of police on 16 October. They say they were motivated by “hatred” towards the games organisers.


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