HyperMotion Technology will be used to support gameplay on the pitch – particularly in the new FIFA 22 CREATE YOUR MATCH engine, allowing players and coaches the ability to create their own, original, high-intensity, highly engaging, custom FIFA Ultimate Team™ matches. The FIFA eAMU (Arcade Mode Under A Microscope) mode also uses HyperMotion Technology, allowing players to compete in 5-a-side, 6-a-side and fully-fledged modes, such as FIFA 25-a-side. CREATE YOUR MATCH for FIFA 22 is more sophisticated than its predecessor, FIFA 19. By creating a custom team, players will be able to use pre-determined rules, teams and game modes, and create their own, high-intensity, highly engaging match. Using the custom team created on the day, players will have full control over the match settings, on-field tactics, goalkeepers, substitutions and player characteristics. All these elements will be able to be tweaked and tuned by the players, leading to a high degree of game-versus-game customisation. Some of the key improvements to the game’s custom team creation system include: Smarter AI gameplay – Using the new engine, players will be more engaged with the way they play, as well as using players in smarter AI. Players will often use smart route selection and tactical decisions, and players will play to their strengths, as well as look to exploit weaknesses. The new AI is also more reactive in both defending and attacking. Custom team creation – Players will be able to create and customise their own teams using pre-set rules and game modes, a team manager, pitch setup, opposition team, kits, colours and logos. Players will also have the ability to customise teams via attributes – such as a set of XIs that reflect how they want to play on a day-to-day basis, as well as FIFA Ultimate Team attribute cards for squad contributions, upgrades and attributes. Players will also be able to choose from a large variety of pre-loaded teams and kits, as well as visually customise the kit design of each and every player on the custom team. Pre-match preparation – Players will have a number of pre-match preparations to make before they walk onto the pitch: they will see a detailed view of the pitch and opposition, view their goals, flags, in-play stats, trophies and attribute cards for each and every player on the


Features Key:

  • Attacker – Pass – Shot – Collision – Blocked
  • Defender – Interception – Tackle – Aerial Duel – Dribble
  • Goalkeeper – Handling
  • Goal – Overhit – Header – Header Control
  • Pace – Acceleration – Speed
  • Teamplay – Instincts
  • Previews – Jump – Tackle
  • Deliveries – Skill – Pace – Shot – Crossing
  • Perception and Awareness
  • Off-the-ball movement – Out-of-possession play
  • Goal Impact
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Headers
  • Knock-ons
  • Tackle Accuracy
  • Sudden Death
  • Fighting
  • Fouls – Challenges

FIFA 2012 Widen your experience of any goal by customising your cards, badges, footballs, overalls and more.

  • Chest highlights – A squad that includes players who have helped you to score, keep clean sheets, provide assists and score in key moments over the course of a match.
  • New Player Experience – From your first steps on FIFA’s Training pitch to the final moments of the match you can experience the game through a new series of on-ball and off-ball events.
  • New Friendlies – Take on players from around the world in new A.I. enhanced Friendlies including a star-studded cast of ‘celebrities’ on each matchday – or just blow off steam with a quick friendly!
  • Manager Select – Make your management decisions using All-New Manager Select creating a Football Manager-like experience where you decide the nationality, formation, style and key transfer targets.
  • New Squad Goals – Watch as your teams chase prizes and trophies with new Squad Goals


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FIFA is a legendary worldwide phenomenon with over 600 million players and is the most popular sport in the world. FIFA is a legendary worldwide phenomenon with over 600 million players and is the most popular sport in the world. Combining unparalleled authenticity and intensity with the award-winning gameplay FIFA is the ultimate football game. It also features intuitive controls, social integration and an all-new FIFA Ultimate Team experience. FIFA challenges players and entire communities worldwide to be champions in both virtual and real-life tournaments. FIFA brings the world’s most famous team and player names to life, with more than 450 licensed players and teams available in 22 official competitions. FIFA Ultimate Team provides an all-new way to build a winning squad and compete in the most immersive and thrilling gameplay in the franchise’s history. The Ultimate Team series takes real-world football clubs, adds licensed players from around the world and gives them authentic footballing skills, attributes and abilities. One-of-a-kind stadiums, realistic coaching and training systems, and the ability to develop and control players from youth to Senior level allow fans to experience the game in a never-before-seen way. The FIFA and FIFA Pro Clubs FIFA’s global grassroots competitions, The FIFA Club World Cup™ and The FIFA Club World Cup™ qualifying (FCWC), lead to the FIFA Club World Cup™, where champions from around the world compete to become The FIFA Club World Cup™ Champions. Compete for the ultimate prize and enjoy the unparalleled atmosphere of the FIFA Club World Cup™ by opening your Club World Cup™ account now. Your club’s matches will be instantly added to your player’s profile, giving you and your players the opportunity to earn rewards and trophies in the FIFA Club World Cup™. You will be notified when opportunities become available for your club in the FCWC. FIFA is the biggest opportunity to share the real magic of football and compete with friends in over 60 events around the world. Each FIFA World Cup™ competition features official teams from around the globe and over 100 playlists. FIFA World Cup™ is the biggest opportunity to share the real magic of football and compete with friends in over 60 events around the world. Each FIFA World Cup™ competition features official teams from around the globe and over 100 playlists. Customize your squad, customize your experience, and play the way you want with the ultimate introduction to the brand new FIFA U bc9d6d6daa


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Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA Ultimate Team. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game. GOALS AND HEADS UP (New) Learn how to perfect your game with Goals and Heads Up, a new tutorial system that puts the focus on teaching you the essential elements of creating and scoring great goals. As well as introducing you to the basics, Players’ Eyes (where the crossbar moves), and how to control the ball, it also introduces you to the major characteristics of the game, so you can instantly recognise when certain aspects of the match are going well and when they’re not. TRANSITION MAKING (New) New additions to Transition Making in FIFA include a new focus on speed and dribbling, which makes both set pieces and long passages of play fun, action-packed affairs where you can do everything from control your way through the defence, or skilfully thread a through ball through the middle, to holding up the ball and letting the opposition attack run riot. The Fluid Dribbling game has also been enhanced, so when you control the ball, the flow of the game is always changing, giving you more opportunities to accelerate and turn or make a diagonal run. CLICK THE BALL (New) The way you interact with the ball has been completely re-worked in FIFA, and the new How to Pass game will give you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your ball control skills. See how the controls have been optimised to make it easier to catch, control and pass the ball. In addition, all of the move and Pass animations in FIFA have been optimised to create a faster, smoother and more realistic ball possession. POGGIES (New) All-new animations for Poggie have been created for a higher level of presence and realism when he comes off his marker and kicks the ball forward to make a pass. For example, Poggie will now receive the ball with greater mobility and control and while the ball is in his hands he will be able to take on multiple opponents. TAKE ON THE WORLD TOUR (New) The


What’s new:

  • FIFA 22 introduces HyperMotion Technology.
  • Smoother controls and reworked shooting.
  • BRB (Covert Speed) set-up system to add more strategic options to the game.
  • Level 6 licence agreements include Bundesliga, Spain, Italy, and France.
  • Audio Commentary by Martin Tyler.


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FIFA is a series of association football video games developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports for almost 25 years, starting with FIFA 96 and FIFA 97. The franchise has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. Every FIFA game has been released on multiple platforms including PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable (PSP), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and iOS. FIFA 11 is currently the best-selling video game in UK history. The series has also been criticised for its lack of realism, notably in the collision and ball physics of the kickoff on horseback in FIFA 99 and subsequent games. FIFA 20 brings a range of unprecedented innovations to the series. It uses the Frostbite game engine, and provides players with a deeper level of control and interactions via ball physics. It also features My Player mode, a first in the franchise. In this mode, the game’s AI teammates follow unique passing and shooting strategies and can be customized. The game also includes a number of new social features. In My Team, players can now create bespoke formations and tactics, and share their best-form teams with others. Furthermore, the brand-new My Career mode allows players to navigate various leagues, play with realistic teams and engage in a flexible career progression. There’s also a brand-new online mode that allows players to compete for real prizes, play against gamers from all over the world and live stream their competitive matches to the world. Does FIFA have a season? There are 3 seasons in the game, each of which lasts 18 rounds and has its own set of rules and tactics. EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 – Season Mode A FIFA season has a set number of games, usually scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The league format is typically cup and league based with a single league, with matches spread out over the course of the season. EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 – Season Mode In Season Mode, players can compete in one of four leagues: England, Germany, Spain and France, each of which has its own season calendar with different goals, format and rules. The game also includes a calendar and weekly match times for all major competitions in each country, so players can see when and where the next games will take place, as well as set reminders and notifications when they must be in-between matches. There are 12 month-long leagues for England, Germany, France and Spain, each of which has specific goals and a set number of


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For Mac users: iPad: iOS 5.0 or later iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 or 5S iPad 2, 3 or 4th generation Apple TV 1st or 2nd Generation, or any newer Apple TV (iTunes 11 or later) Notes: Other devices may not work properly with this app and iOS version, especially older devices. I recommend buying the app and version before you try playing videos on your device. Windows users: Windows XP,


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