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Name Fantasy Grounds – New Paths Compendium – Expanded Edition
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.83 / 5 ( 1465 votes )
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Additional Information

Name Fantasy Grounds – New Paths Compendium – Expanded Edition
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.83 / 5 ( 1465 votes )
Update (6 days ago)


Fantasy Grounds – New Paths Compendium – Expanded Edition Features Key:

  • Fate skill system.
  • Pure fantasy character creation.
  • A huge map with many points of interest.
  • Nice battle system.
  • A unique sound concept.
  • The majority of the script text (storyline) is in Japanese.
  • Special effects/sound effects developed specifically for Fated Era.
  • The effects are simple but work well.
  • Up to 12 hours of storytelling.
  • Nice voice acting (available in two languages: Japanese, English).
  • GM supplement.

Play Information:

  • Windows PC versions only.
  • Languages: English, Japanese.
  • Length: Up to 12 hours.
  • A quick battle for 2 – 4 players (RPG) Length: Up to 15 hours.
  • Node (grid-based top-view RPG).


Fantasy Grounds – New Paths Compendium – Expanded Edition Crack + Free

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Fantasy Grounds – New Paths Compendium – Expanded Edition

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What’s new in Fantasy Grounds – New Paths Compendium – Expanded Edition:

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How To Install and Crack Fantasy Grounds – New Paths Compendium – Expanded Edition:

  • 1 Double click “PLP_Patcher_Setup_1_2_1.rar and allow complete free download.
  • Extract the downloaded archive, by choosing “Extract all…“.
  • Copy the files (the pkginstall.exe, install.bat and into the appropriate <location>
  • Run install.bat in the directory which contains Installer.txt.
  • Run install.bat again, with the Installer.dat argument.
  • Run pkginstall.exe in the directory which contains the package.exe and PLP_Patcher.exe.
  • Basic Features: