Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128: A Review and Analysis of the Iconic Series Premiere

Evangelion is one of the most influential and acclaimed anime series of all time. It is a complex and controversial story that explores themes of psychology, religion, philosophy, and human nature. The first episode of Evangelion, titled “Angel Attack”, introduces the main characters and the setting of the futuristic Tokyo-3, where humanity faces a constant threat from mysterious beings called Angels.

In this article, we will review and analyze Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128, which is a high-quality version of the original English dub that was released by ADV Films in 1997. We will discuss the plot, the characters, the animation, the music, and the symbolism of this episode, as well as its impact on the anime industry and culture.

The Plot of Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128

The episode begins with a narration that explains the backstory of the series. In the year 2000, a cataclysmic event known as the Second Impact occurred, which wiped out half of the human population and altered the climate and geography of the world. The cause of the Second Impact was later revealed to be an Angel, a powerful and mysterious lifeform that appeared from Antarctica. Since then, humanity has been preparing for another Angel attack by building giant humanoid robots called Evangelions, or Evas for short.

The protagonist of the series is Shinji Ikari, a 14-year-old boy who is summoned to Tokyo-3 by his estranged father, Gendo Ikari. Gendo is the commander of NERV, a secret organization that operates the Evas and fights against the Angels. Shinji arrives in Tokyo-3 just as another Angel attacks the city. He is picked up by Misato Katsuragi, a NERV officer who becomes his guardian. Misato drives Shinji to NERV headquarters, which is located underground in a massive geofront.

There, Shinji meets his father for the first time in years. Gendo coldly tells Shinji that he has been brought there to pilot an Eva and fight against the Angel. Shinji is shocked and reluctant to do so, especially when he sees the Eva for the first time. The Eva is a huge biomechanical creature that resembles a human but has a monstrous appearance. It is also connected to Shinji by a neural link that allows him to control it with his mind.

Shinji refuses to pilot the Eva, saying that he doesn’t want to fight or be used by his father. Gendo then orders another pilot to take Shinji’s place. The pilot is Rei Ayanami, a pale and quiet girl who is heavily injured and bandaged. Shinji feels sorry for Rei and decides to pilot the Eva after all. He is then inserted into the cockpit of the Eva, which is filled with a liquid called LCL that allows him to breathe and sync with the Eva.

Shinji is launched to the surface, where he faces the Angel. The Angel is a giant creature with a spherical core that serves as its weak point. It also has a powerful weapon called an AT Field that can deflect any conventional attack. Shinji tries to fight back but he has no experience or training with the Eva. He is quickly overwhelmed by the Angel’s attacks and falls to the ground.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger, as Shinji’s Eva goes berserk and roars in rage. The screen cuts to black and a message appears: “To be continued”.

The Characters of Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128

One of the main strengths of Evangelion is its rich and complex characterization. The series explores the psychological and emotional struggles of its characters, as well as their relationships and conflicts with each other. In the first episode, we are introduced to three of the main characters: Shinji, Misato, and Rei.

Shinji Ikari is the protagonist of the series and the pilot of Eva Unit-01. He is a timid and insecure boy who suffers from low self-esteem and depression. He has a distant and strained relationship with his father, who abandoned him when he was a child. He also blames himself for the death of his mother, who died in an Eva-related accident. Shinji is reluctant to pilot the Eva, but he does so out of a sense of obligation and a desire to be accepted by his father. He also feels sympathy for Rei, who is in a similar situation as him.

Misato Katsuragi is a NERV officer and the guardian of Shinji. She is a cheerful and energetic woman who likes to drink beer and eat instant noodles. She acts as a mother figure to Shinji, providing him with emotional support and guidance. She also has a playful and flirtatious side, which sometimes embarrasses Shinji. Misato has a hidden past that is connected to the Second Impact and NERV’s secrets. She also has a complicated relationship with Kaji, a NERV agent who is her ex-boyfriend.

Rei Ayanami is the pilot of Eva Unit-00 and the first child chosen by NERV. She is a pale and quiet girl who rarely shows any emotion or expression. She has a mysterious origin and background that is unknown to most people. She is loyal to Gendo and follows his orders without question. She has a strong bond with her Eva, which sometimes causes it to go out of control. She also has a special connection with Shinji, who is intrigued by her.

The Animation of Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128

Evangelion is a visually stunning anime that showcases the talent and creativity of its animators. The series features detailed and realistic backgrounds, dynamic and fluid movements, expressive and distinctive character designs, and impressive and innovative action scenes. The first episode demonstrates the high quality of the animation, especially in the scenes involving the Eva and the Angel.

The Eva is a marvel of animation, as it combines organic and mechanical elements to create a unique and terrifying creature. The Eva moves with grace and agility, but also with power and ferocity. The Eva’s design reflects its nature as a living being that is controlled by humans, but also has a mind and will of its own.

The Angel is also an amazing feat of animation, as it presents a bizarre and alien form that contrasts with the human-made Eva. The Angel has a spherical core that glows with energy, surrounded by four metallic plates that can rotate and extend. The Angel can also generate an AT Field, which is depicted as a hexagonal pattern that shimmers in the air. The Angel’s design reflects its nature as an unknown and hostile force that threatens humanity.

The animation of Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128 enhances the impact and emotion of the story, as it conveys the scale and intensity of the battle between the Eva and the Angel, as well as the feelings and reactions of the characters.

The Music of Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128

Evangelion has a memorable and diverse soundtrack that complements the mood and tone of the series. The music is composed by Shiro Sagisu, who is known for his work on other anime such as Bleach and Magi. The music ranges from orchestral and classical pieces to rock and pop songs, depending on the scene and the theme. The first episode features some of the most iconic and recognizable tracks of the series, such as:

  • “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”: This is the opening theme song of the series, performed by Yoko Takahashi. It is a catchy and upbeat song that contrasts with the dark and serious nature of the series. The song expresses the hopes and dreams of the young Eva pilots, as well as their struggles and conflicts. The song has become a cultural phenomenon and a symbol of anime fandom.
  • “Angel Attack”: This is the main battle theme of the series, played whenever an Angel appears and attacks Tokyo-3. It is a fast-paced and energetic track that creates a sense of urgency and tension. The track features a mix of brass, strings, percussion, and electric guitar, creating a powerful and epic sound.
  • “Rei I”: This is the theme song of Rei Ayanami, played whenever she appears or is mentioned. It is a slow and melancholic track that reflects Rei’s mysterious and lonely personality. The track features a piano melody that is accompanied by strings and choir, creating a haunting and beautiful sound.
  • “Hedgehog’s Dilemma”: This is the theme song of Shinji Ikari, played whenever he faces a personal or emotional dilemma. It is a sad and somber track that reflects Shinji’s inner turmoil and depression. The track features a guitar melody that is accompanied by piano and strings, creating a soft and gentle sound.
  • “Fly Me to the Moon”: This is the ending theme song of the series, performed by various singers depending on the episode. It is a cover of the classic jazz song by Bart Howard, popularized by Frank Sinatra. It is a romantic and soothing song that contrasts with the chaotic and violent events of the series. The song expresses the longing and love of the characters, as well as their hopes for a better future.

The Symbolism of Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128

Evangelion is a series that is rich in symbolism and references to various religious, philosophical, psychological, and cultural concepts. The series uses these symbols to convey its themes and messages, as well as to add depth and complexity to its story and characters. The first episode introduces some of the most important and prominent symbols of the series, such as:

  • The Cross: The cross is a symbol of Christianity that represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for humanity’s sins. In Evangelion, the cross is used to represent the destruction and suffering caused by the Angels and the Evas, as well as the salvation and redemption that they offer. The cross also symbolizes the connection between humans and God, as well as humans and Evas.
  • The Tree of Life: The tree of life is a symbol of Kabbalah, a mystical branch of Judaism that studies the nature of God and creation. In Evangelion, the tree of life is used to represent the structure and hierarchy of existence, as well as the potential for human evolution. The tree of life also symbolizes the connection between humans and Angels, as well as humans and Evas.
  • The AT Field: The AT field is a term coined by NERV to describe the protective barrier that surrounds each Angel and Eva. It stands for Absolute Terror Field, which refers to the primal fear that humans feel when faced with something unknown or incomprehensible. In Evangelion, the AT field is used to represent the psychological defense mechanism that humans use to protect their ego and identity from external threats or influences. The AT field also symbolizes the isolation and alienation that humans experience in modern society.
  • The Eva: The Eva is a symbol of humanity’s technological advancement and scientific achievement, as well as its hubris and arrogance. In Evangelion, the Eva is used to represent humanity’s attempt to control nature and destiny, as well as its defiance against God’s will. The Eva also symbolizes humanity’s dependence on machines and artificiality, as well as its loss of spirituality and humanity.
  • The Angel: The Angel is a symbol of God’s creation and judgment, as well as his mystery and incomprehensibility. In Evangelion, the Angel is used to represent God’s wrath and punishment for humanity’s sins, as well as his test and challenge for humanity’s survival. The Angel also symbolizes God’s love and mercy for humanity, as well as his plan and purpose for humanity’s evolution.


Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128 is a masterpiece of anime that sets the stage for the rest of the series. It introduces the main characters, the setting, the plot, the animation, the music, and the symbolism of the series in a captivating and engaging way. It also raises many questions and mysteries that will be explored and answered in the following episodes. Evangelion Episode 1 English Dub 128 is a must-watch for any anime fan who wants to experience one of the most influential and acclaimed anime series of all time.