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Release Year: 2016 Genre: RPG Developer: Apeiron Publisher: Apeiron Published On: 2015-03-28 Gameplay Gameplay is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics A2 with a little of the same combat style as seen in Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, with the addition of character development, a random map with free roaming, to aid in exploration and a black screen style dungeon explore. An RPG filled with side-quests, where the goal is to raise your character’s levels to enhance its powers. Each class has a unique array of abilities and spells that are useful in battle, and with every new level comes more HP, Magic, and sometimes Passive Ability. You could spend skill points on the gear section of your stats where you can increase your stats, like Strength and Magic. Strength increases attack strength, Magic increase spells and you can learn spells too, both in combat and in dungeons. The battle system is a simplified turn-based system where you can block, block and attack, attack and evade, and dodge in any direction. Evading does three different things; when evading, your character jumps backward to defend itself from attacks, if it is within 7 squares from the attacker, attacks the attacker for free. It can also perform a double evasion which allows your character to get away from 4 squares in every direction (more on dodging later). Another unique thing is how you use your levels up. From Level 1 (the first level your character gets that he can use) your character gets one attack. So every time he levels up, he will get one or two attack. Just like that, your character levels up. It is very simple but it works and it’s a great way of leveling up. There is also a level cap that your character can reach, after which he has to retire and it is possible that his class will even have to retire because he reached it. Characters also have passive abilities that they can keep when their skills are maxed. Those passive abilities will affect your character stats. Passive abilities seem very OP at first, but the later levels allow for more and more passive abilities. Passive abilities can be both offensive, defensive or on how you play your character. For example, increasing your passive magic increases your spells, increasing your passive attack, decreases your attack. And there is an off-setting range for all of your passive abilities. So as you can see,


Features Key:

  • 4 Difficulty Levels: Beginner (easy), Intermediate (moderate), Advanced (advanced), Elden Lord (hard)
  • Seamless PlayStation Network compatibility
  • Story Mode (Lochmeer, story) and endless dungeon mode (Lochmeer, random levels)
  • Downloadable content: Dungeon, Hand Monsters, Quests, Locations, and titles for leveling up
  • A large variety of skill/spells
  • 30 unique actions (18 combat, 12 utility, and 0 magic)
  • Beautiful graphics – high-quality anime-style anime portrait graphics
  • The freedom to develop your character as you like
  • Stamina, Health, and All of Your Basic Stats at your Fingertips for Easy Management
  • Complexity and Complexity Add to the Excitement
  • A massive, immersive world with many sections and hidden surprises
  • Innovative controls, teleporting, and escaping, and other attacks
  • Compatible with all the great PlayStation portable devices
  • Elden Ring Item Feature

    In addition to standard equipment, each class has a set of specialized item parts. These items can change the appearance, stats, and your skills. Depending on what you equip, your character will also earn special stat boosts specific to that equipment. From this, a great new variety of equipment will be born.

    Available as part of the special package for Elden Ring or standalone, this combination title comes with the map of The Lands Between.

    Both versions are available from the Nintendo PlayStation Portable store.

    Additional items that can be purchased separately include:


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    What’s new:

    Key Features



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    System Requirements:

    Minimum: OS: XP (or higher) Processor: Intel P4 RAM: 1 GB (2 GB recommended) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX (or ATI HD2900 XT) HDD: 250 MB (or more) HDD: 250 MB (or more