Spellbound About the game “… Unlike other action RPGs, you will not be able to simply slaughter all the monsters you come across, so be prepared to rely on tactics and strategy. Your goal is to reach the end of the game, and the difficulty is backed up by the many powerful items and spells with which you will be able to upgrade your character’s equipment and magic. ” NFT2 About the game “Extremely mobile strategy RPG fantasy game that takes place in a world between present and future. In the fantasy world of the Ancients, a great conflict called Ragnarok has begun, which threatens the existence of the world. It’s also the time when magic was used freely. In the beginning, the long-established magic of the world were divided into three realms with different powers. And for the past 300 years, the Three Realms were protected by the Four Elden Lords. The Four Elden Lords are also known as the Arcane Lords. As the name suggests, the power and conflict of the Elden Lords and sorcery are all tied up, and when one dies, a devastating echo is produced. In the Great Chaos War, the Elves, that are the most powerful magic users, and the Elves were destroyed. The heirs to the elves were turned into human, and in the midst of this chaos, the Elves’ summoning spell was destroyed. The Elves’ world was distorted completely, and the Elves who survived from that war were scattered to the four corners of the world. The Elves who will now survive are wearing the Oracles as their weapons, and their hearts are locked in the task of raising the Elves who were once purged. The mystic force is the highest power in the world. Thus, the Oracles watch over the people of the world with the power of the shield of a god. Now, the elf is planning to return to the world and take revenge for their suffering from the Great Chaos War. Also, a story of adventure begins. Create a new character, and become an Elden Lord who rules the magic of the world.”


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • PvE Boss Fights – Fight the seven bosses who reside in the Lands Between. Your character can level up and learn new skills as you progress through the raid.
  • Fast-Action Battle – GM duel? Online PvP? You can interact with other characters anytime, at your convenience. Immerse yourself in fast-paced action while you explore the world as you choose your own path.
  • Wield Legendary Gear Made from the Skies of the Elden Ring – Tarnished scale armor, Gilded gloves of rhapsody, Trained falcaingigantaur, and the coveted Elden Ring.
  • Explore a Rich World – Where the sky is your limit! The Lands Between is composed of the mountain, dense forest, underground crystal cavern, and seashore regions. Throughout the world, there are various areas where you can discover the breath-taking scenery and breathtaking monsters.
  • Numerous Monsters – Monsters are incredibly diverse, and you will encounter even more powerful ones as you progress through the main story. In addition to the numerous raid bosses, as you level up you will also face enemy mages, guild magicians, and even magitech and magic beast. Other than their beauty, defeating monsters can grant even more rewards in the form of experience and items!
  • Infinite Variety – Each item is designed to complement the other items on hand. Increasing the quality of items you equip is beneficial. Selecting the proper gear sets to raise your character’s level will be an exciting experience.
  • A Truly Romantic World – A fantasy world that has its own charm! Chingam? Its inhabitants can be found as you travel through the Land Between, and they are in the midst of doing battle as well. By coordinating and assisting these NPC’s, you can strengthen your relationships and engage in romance with the NPCs you meet
  • A Race of Fair-Hearted Humans? More than a majority of the inhabitants of the Land Between are human. They possess various feelings, desires, and emotions which cannot be realized in real life. Due to these differing perspectives, the hearts of humans are mere drops of water when compared to the suffering and tragedy of other races.
  • Meet the Eld


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    Rob and Scott Nintendo Jun. 11, 2016 10/10 Mikayla Nintendo Jun. 11, 2016 10/10 Brittany Nintendo Jun. 11, 2016 9/10 Guinevere Nintendo Jun. 11, 2016 9/10 Vineetha Nintendo Jun. 11, 2016 8/10 Mikayla Nintendo Jun. 11, 2016 9/10 Torrisa Nintendo Jun. 11, 2016 7/10 Cameron Nintendo Jun. 11, 2016 7/10 Guinevere Nintendo Jun. 11, 2016 9/10 TARNISHED (Game Info) 『Rise, Tarnished』 is a new fantasy action RPG that takes place in an area known as the Lands Between. In this virtual realm, which can be accessed through a portal called the ‘Gate of Souls,’ there is a unique structure called the ‘Land of Twilight.’ The core story revolves around the reemergence of a fierce race of arcane sorcerers known as the Elden as well as an overwhelming threat to all of humanity that emerges in the ‘Land of Twilight.’ ■Recommended Play with Friends ・Drop and pickup your in-game equipment or the items dropped by enemies in battle. ・Fight together and travel together. Take on fearsome bosses and powerful monsters that will provide a high sense of satisfaction to any players with joint quests. ・Take care of the weak in your party to show your companions your gratitude, and the less able in your party will receive special rewards! ■Recommended Play Solo ・Constantly take part in and gain EXP for all quests, including the main quest. ・Strengthen your skills through the acquisition of various weapons, armor, and magic. You can freely combine these skills and customize your character according to your play style. ・Become stronger by defeating monsters in this engrossing action RPG. [Game Features] ■Exciting Action RPG – Experience a thrilling fantasy adventure featuring a rich story where the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between, filled with more than 80 NPCs. – Battle against monsters and other players at the same time. Drop and pickup any of your equipment or items dropped by your enemies, and freely use items that bff6bb2d33


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    **10 Guilds, 20 Classes, 17 Traits** When you become a guild master for the first time, you will find that the class you wish to take is determined by which guild you belong to. However, it does not mean that you can only choose the guild that is most beneficial to you. While the characters you can recruit to your guild are limited, you can develop your characters and make them stronger so that you can take advantage of the content of each character class. In addition to the basic set of attributes and skills that are determined by the guild, there are also specialized skills in the class that you need to develop. >Example, when you become a “Knight” class, you will discover that you can choose between the class above all others, the “Platinum” class, and the “Gold” class. Additionally, as you continue to level up, you can choose to continue strengthening one set of attributes over the other, and each time you raise a class, the battle will become more challenging. > When you are discussing the battle, please refer to the concept of the fusion gear, a special type of gear that you can equip. In terms of combat, you can equip various different sets of fusion gear and gain special skills. When you fuse two armor sets or obtain a powerful special skill, your stats will increase, and you will gain a bonus effect based on the gear sets you equip. As you play the game, you will gradually discover the place of each class in the world of “Lands Between” and create new possibilities for yourself. >The selection of fusing will be based on the goal when you have selected a certain class. It is possible to fuse different levels of equipment to obtain fusing-level weapons and armor. It is advisable to start with a class that is suitable for beginners as it will be easier to get used to. * When you start the game, it is possible to choose a guild. A guild is a group of characters that you join together. You can select among the 10 different guilds, and in each guild you can select the class that you wish to develop. >BASIC STRUCTURE ▲A SWATHING STRENGTH ▶A SWATHING VIGOR △A SWATHING POWERS ▽A SWATHING TOOL ▾A SWATHING ATT


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Google Play


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