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# Tarnished Soul A fantasy action RPG for the PlayStation®4 based on the novel “Tarnished Soul” by Kotobukiya Hiroko, released on June 15, 2008, in Japan. # Character Creation After the tutorial, the player is allowed to create a character that they think suits them. This character is reborn when the game begins. Choose from five different races, each with different classes. Outfit them with weapons and armor, and unlock the skills that they will use during combat. As you raise your level, you will be allowed to purchase a better weapon or armor, as well as skills that will increase your stats. # The Lands Between The Lands Between are a world of action in which the balance of the world’s order is precarious. At the heart of the Lands Between is the central continent, Ashen, to the east. The center of the continent is occupied by the capital, which contains the administrative capital and the seat of royalty. The south is home to the Desert, and the north contains the Shieldwall, a formidable defense that has protected the Lands Between for generations. Above the Shieldwall is a magical and enigmatic land known as the Flame-Gated Chaos. There are countless other lands beyond the Shieldwall, hidden in the center of the continent, each with their own story and a different fate for its inhabitants. # Enemies An army of varied enemies from throughout history and legends is seeking to invade the Lands Between. These enemies include the Knights of the King, led by a certain Order that seeks to destroy the Lands Between; the Ants, rulers of the continent; the Khalkh, rulers of the Flame-Gated Chaos; and the Lamia, a race of dangerous and malicious werewolves who used to be humans. # Boss Encounters and Clearing Dungeons Most enemies are found at the end of level dungeons. In these dungeons, a boss fights the protagonist and once defeated, can be challenged to a second boss fight. As the player clears level dungeons, they will receive experience points and level up, unlocking new skills, and gaining access to new and more powerful armor and weapons. Clearing level dungeons opens up additional dungeons where more enemies await to be defeated. # Classes and Combat The player character has seven different classes to choose from:


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Customize your character in a massive post-game free to use
  • Discover and fight monsters to accumulate EXP and refine your character
  • 2 exclusive titles become available after completing the story: Voidness* and Infinity*
  • Our game contains:

    • Robust combat engine including attack motions and animations with a variety of game elements such as weapons to carry out a wild action
    • Game engine featuring a wide variety of monsters throughout the game and online elements: meeting with other people, “tour guide” mode, restaurant
    • 4 different big maps with a variety of locales ranging from generic fantasy maps to dungeons with three-dimensional designs
    • A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected
    • A variety of battles with chains of related actions for an exciting gameplay experience
    • ARPG elements with a distinctive ruleset and variety of action and ways to enjoy them
    • Undaunted courage in facing giants with great power and huge battles with 30+ party members using the ARPG mode, along with the items and attacks you have learned


    Supported OS

    • Windows Vista SP2 64 bits or higher
    • Windows XP SP2 64 bits or higher
    • Windows 2000 SP4 or higher
    • Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP

    Of course the game isn't accessible without the appropriate drivers and can only be played when the system meets the minimum capabilities. See our driver download page for additional updates on supported OS and drivers.


    The account features that you have already obtained would be consumed after the launch of the game,

    You can activate


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