Download Film Barbie Diamond Castle Subtitle Indonesia

melody accompanies the boys to their home so they can explain that alexa and liana are safe, only they don’t trust her at first. inside, they find their parents, pa and ma, and they see the photos the girls have taken of them, and pa and ma want their daughters to come home. although melody agrees to keep their secret, the girls still disagree. although they make it to the diamond castle, they come across some bad guys and one of them steals liana’s necklace, and so the girls find out that the diamond castle is in fact empty.

however, the girls find a letter in one of the basement rooms, and they read the letter together. it turns out that the robbers took the power source (which they stole from slider ) to the diamond castle, and the twins’ guardian stones were taken too. they’re giving the power source to a group of criminals called the witches and declaring them the rulers of the world, but the guardians have to stay behind because of their power. it turns out that the twins are the guardians’ daughters, whose parents were killed by the witches to cover up their crimes. the girls remain at the inn while liana takes a horse to the witch’s hideout and rescues the twins.

the twins take liana back to the diamond castle, where the witches are planning to call on their dragons to attack melody and alexa. as soon as alexa puts on the stone of silence, a magical necklace that the twins’ mother gave her to keep her safe if they ever left home, she and melody are magically transported to the diamond castle in a magical crystal palace, and they see their parents’ bodies where they were slain. the witches then realize that the girls are the guardians’ daughters, and lydia reveals to them that she was going to have the twins “i”dnk if l loved or if i diddn’t”, and that she took over their castle so she could take the girls’ powers, but the guardians of the castle can still fight.