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Given that Im a huge fan of software synthesizers, and given the Deckadance keygen earlier, I figured the easiest way to review this software would be to try it in one of my favorite modern synthesizers: Native Instruments Massive. To that end, I loaded all of my standard working presets, and started a track. The track started perfectly, and as per usual, my ears were assaulted with the nicest sound Ive ever heard in a DJ application!

The mixer has a nice pair of faders which allows a fairly flexible routing of audio and control signals, giving it the freedom to do many things. It also has controls for various effects (which I left off for now to run things straight), as well as the zooming function (the pan controls do not zoom in/out). Basically if youre not already familiar with Traktor, or if its just not your style, Deckadance has a lot of functionality in a package that should be relatively intuitive for the experienced DJ.

Back to Deckadance 2, and its first thing youll notice is that the application manages the entire mix and presentation, as opposed to simply playing the artist/track. Theres not a lot of visual indication that anything is going on, its pretty sleek and minimal, and still easy to recognize and control. (The inclusion of being able to customize the browser-style sidebar with all of the most used effects is also a nice touch, and makes Deckadance feel like an extension of your synth in a way that may appeal to some folks who dont get it)

The program is now free, but has a premium version, Deckadance 2, for $9.99 that includes two more decks for greater versatility, a web portal for managing your music from any web-enabled device, and some new user features. A full version of Deckadance 2 is also available for $39.99.

You can, of course, play CDs and vinyl records using Deckadance. It had these capabilities built right into the software, and while using the software to drive the CDJs and turntables youll find was familiar, the vinyl playback feature provided some interesting oomphs in working with vinyl records. While having the ability to load a whole album onto your decks hard drive, you can then burn that collection to compact discs or burn the vinyl masters to vinyl itself. In both cases, youll find Deckadance makes a tidy job of tracking and monitoring the session, while at the same time providing a neat visual tool for really getting a good handle on what you are playing. Dvds can be added and played back in a similar fashion, and of course, the vinyl workflow can be dropped back into full-time DVS mode as well. Another nice feature of Deckadance is the story the software tells in voice through its interface. For example, when you load a particular song to a deck, each of the CDJ/turntable decks will recognize the material, and then the volume will change so that the track sounds good at the proper volume. Its like having the story flow out from each deck as you are playing. The overall effect is compelling. One of my favorite things about the software is that it also has a clean, intuitive UI. If youre familiar with other DJ software, theres a little tweak function within Deckadance that will link to the Ill-advised Plugins FX, Synthi, or Master FX plugins that Ill repeatedly use, so that its one quick trigger away to get a great sound going. Or, get a feel of what to do using the internal tutorial. 5ec8ef588b