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Cookedp1 Cab Error

C:\Windows\Downloads\ This cab is a Microsoft Windows Installer or MIXER software package.
When it is executed, it will launch several dependent software
packages that are installed on your computer.
Installing and uninstalling of cab files is a very important mechanism to maintain
the ability to install/uninstall software on a computer or to perform maintenance
operations, so many computer users cannot uninstall cab files, or temporarily
cannot install a new cab file. The following problems will occur if you
cannot install or uninstall cab files. Your computer may be unstable, or the
following symptoms may occur.
Unable to Open CAB Files After Windows Installation Failures
Unable to Uninstall Cab Files After Uninstalling of Program
When you open a cab file after failure of uninstallation, you see an
error message displayed on the screen:
“An error occurred while opening the file”
The error may cause computer instability. This error may be caused by the
following reasons:
1. The file is damaged or cannot be opened.
2. The file has a faulty size. The following example of the size error:
The file you wanted to open is not valid. It may not be a valid ZIP file or
it has viruses.
3. The file is corrupted. The cab file may be damaged or contain viruses.
4. There is no cab file. Please contact the vendor of the
computer software, and provide the name, release date, and the version of the
software package to which you are installing or upgrading.
5. It may be that the user has no permission to open the file, and in this case,
you will need to execute the following command as an administrator:
“c:\program files\microsoft\windows\ /uninstall /f /v
If you have any question on how to install or uninstalls software you need,
please send a message to the following address:

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