Collaboration For Revit 2012 Keygen [BEST]


Collaboration For Revit 2012 Keygen

the only cost is a monthly subscription fee based on the number of users. this solution provides us with the infrastructure to put something out in the world for collaboration and shareability, says mr cap. when a project partner is collaborating with another partner or a client, we can track project changes in the revit model because were using the project as the centralised file. if we were to use a common central file for collaboration in an office-wide environment, that type of file needs to be centrally managed, says mr cap. autodesk provides a centralised file for this purpose.

a cloud solution is also a great way for project teams to share project documentation and information. the latest update to autodesk’s a360 collaboration for revit (known as a360’s beta feature) allows users to attach documents such as architectural, structural, or mechanical drawings. this provides a collaborative environment for design teams to communicate and share project information.

this service is now available as a free tool to any project team with an autodesk 360 account. we can use revit as a project team collaboration tool and take it further than just sharing models, says mr cap. we also got to use it to store some project documentation that arent a part of the revit model.

when we go to install a360 collaboration for revit, it’s a very simple setup process. once we downloaded it, there was nothing else that needed to be done. i think thats because it was integrated with our project server, which is a relatively simple solution to be able to integrate with a project management tool.