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Cleartones Clear Tones Click to Enlarge Persisting Incompleteness – The Discipleship Counselling Approach Theology, Philosophy & Spirituality Many of us have an instinctive sense that God is a big presence in the universe. This is not a new idea. It is, in fact, a foundational idea for Christianity. Do any of us currently . A lot of people think that there’s a God to make the world go around and it’s a nice God, but God doesn’t take commands from people and things. There’s this other God that’s out there, and it’s the most perfect, powerful God in the universe. The reason I take you here is that all I’m interested in talking to you about is what are the facts about God, and the facts are this: Jesus Christ is who he is. The . Would you believe me if I told you that God created the universe using his bare hands and a handful of mud? Well, you can believe it, because I’m going to tell you that he did. The Bible tells us that God created the world in a few days, and he recreated it. Scripture tells us that there was no sin in the beginning, and the Bible tells us that it was a glorious world. It was filled with righteousness and all. Maybe not exactly like . The Bible says that we made a mistake in the Garden of Eden, and everything started going wrong. One of the most famous ideas in the Bible is the fall. Did you know that the Bible talks about the fall of man? Even in that, we’re not talking about man in an abstract way. We’re talking about Adam and Eve, who lived . What I want to do here is to talk about the relationship between the world and God. One of the central . To all humanity, not just some. One of the distinctive features of the first century was the existence of multiple views about God’s nature. The dominant view was . God is a Father, but also a Creator, and he wants us to be part of that creation and to enjoy it. Youâ�