Race players against friends in a barrel of fun. It’s time to rock and roll with the clunkiest and laugh-provoking driving game you’ve ever had the pleasure to simulate. CIRCLE OF SUMO is a game of sumo wrestling where you and your friends can drive your friends through barrels of water, nacho’s, pinatas, mud etc. The three-dimensional environment enables players to climb ramps to peak level for a thrilling climax. It’s fun for all the family! Features: – 7 championships with different environments and shapes, including a boat, an office and even an old fashioned circus in all its glory.- Each championship has three environment levels, a two-player mode and a local multiplayer mode.- There are more than 30 new and unique challenges.- A story mode allows you to test your skills as you try to find a way to beat the 20 levels.- Multiple game modes to enjoy with three variations of the one-time game.- A multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge your friends!- A level editor to create and share your own levels.- An adjustable physics engine allows you to change the environment to fit your own needs. Three Player Sumo! Play against the others in single or multiplayer mode. Game Over! Addictive racing action where falling off the cliff or crashing into the environment can lead to the game being over! Challenge Mode! Race against the clock to beat 20 challenging levels. Level Editor! Add your own ideas to the game by creating your own courses. 1 Downloading… ITEM NAME SIZE DOWNLOAD TIME CIRCLE OF SUMO 2,8 GB 10:46 As you can see I purchased Circle of Sumo a while ago on itunes store, for £4.99, which at the time I thought was a steal but it turned out to be crap, so I decided to download it again because of all the positive stuff written about it. However when I got it this time it looked like the main features where ripped off, and the price was a rip off. I have searched the internet to see if there are any other plans on how to update the game but the closest I can see to that is being able to buy a site membership. I wonder if anyone knows if there is a possibility to get the new update out to iOS


Circle Of Sumo: Online Rumble! Features Key:

  • Fight five daily tournaments in order to gain as many points as possible
  • Be the one to be chosen as the winner of the daily tournament
  • Fun factor to a whole new level: play with your friend, win the games, and let your friends come too
  • Fight and be killed by other players
  • Feel the adrenaline rush when you fight by yourself, with other real people!

  • Game play:

    • League leaderboards: you can challenge another player to have an epic rematch
    • 20 daily competitions
    • Sumo fought out on your browser! Play in YOUR favourite browser.
    • 5 time zones supported: USA, South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia
    • Play whilst on the phone, via Skype, or even on the toilet, as long as you’ve got Internet connectivity.

    Why Upcoming?

    • It’s a competition that is FUN
    • … then it can be a challenge to wait for different times!
    • You may even become the champ!
    • Surface: 95cm x 55cm. Prime surface = £13.99


    • Which browser and platform do you support?
    • Currently, we are limited to the Windows platform and Internet Explorer. We will move to other browsers and platforms as soon as possible. For now, we will continue to support IE9 and above. We will update this FAQ with any changes. Make sure to check it frequently.
    • The only platform currently supported for my computer is Internet Explorer and I want to play on my Mac.
    • We are working on releasing new games via Google Play and Amazon Android.



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    In Circle of Sumo you make it to the top of the leaderboards by winning at sumo! In your matches you get a chance to smash your opponent into a bloody pulp, smashable walls, and even cans. Each match has a big pay, and if you’re good enough you can keep improving your score. It’s no wonder this game is a huge hit with kids! About the Team Sam West is a leading UK game developer, and the lead programmer on Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble!. He also used to run a few popular UK websites for kids and readers, and has written a number of books. James Brooke is Circle of Sumo’s Artist and Executive Producer. He also teaches art to kids, and loves developing Cartoon Network Games!Stress-induced obesity in mice: IV. Plasma corticosterone as a predictive marker of leptin resistance. A number of rodent studies have linked elevated plasma corticosterone to an increase in body weight and adiposity. The present study examined the relationship between plasma corticosterone, tissue leptin, and body weight in mice subjected to various environmental stressors. In experiment 1, male C57BL/6J mice were exposed to immobilization stress (IMO; n=10) and social isolation (ISO; n=10). Plasma corticosterone was measured using radioimmunoassay and tissue leptin content was measured using ELISA. At sacrifice, body weight and energy intake were measured and indirect calorimetry was performed. IMO and ISO mice had elevated plasma corticosterone compared to their unstressed controls (P d41b202975


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    Follow us: published:22 Mar 2011 views:65 (15th November 2014) WH_NS footage of the Olympic Torch held up by Icelandic sumo wrestlers Jon Magnússon, Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, Jakob Pálmixson and Thor Bjarni Gudmundsson in the South hall of the ReykjavíkSerpentarium during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Jon Magnússon, the WorldSumo Champion of 2014, has had his identity kept secret to keep him out of danger. Watch this video to find out who he is! Read More: published:15 Jan 2014 views:138619 10 after midnight: Saitama AwaIt is SaitamaAwa’s turn, already, to host “Sumo Monster Wars” for the second time. Their international event with the greatest fighting spirit! Saitama AwaRank: 6th out of 13, 5th out of 4 in PacificSumo. Leader Award: Yorikizeme (4th) The talented staff members in Saitama have already charged their fists. Let’s take a look at the Onsens! In summary, there’s big news in the Saitama area on the subject of onsen, because to the south of the city there are four large onsen sites that want to attract tourists. They were supported in charge of onsen, the only question is how? We’ll see the Saitama performers on Feb. 12 and 13 at “Saitama AwaIt is SaitamaAwa’s turn, already, to host “Sumo Monster Wars” for the second time. Their international event with the greatest fighting spirit! Saitama AwaRank: 6th out of 13, 5th out of 4 in PacificSumo. Leader Award: Yorikizeme (4th) The talented staff members in Saitama have already charged


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