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Box Mara Fix 1.8 100

safari. heres how it works. im a big fan of the safari. its as much about the experience as it is about the animals. a good safari will incorporate a visit to the maasai mara national reserve (mmnr) and a visit to one of the other reserves in kenya. these reserves contain wildlife, but also the lions, wildebeest and zebra. these animal migrations happen twice a year, and you can witness this from the maasai mara, which is the best place to witness this. you also get to visit the maasai mara reserve, which is a private reserve, with no lions, so this is the only way to see these animals.

the mara triangle supports the populations of many key african wildlife species such as the lion, elephant, leopard, warthog, zebra, giraffe, rhino, buffalo, and more. in particular, the maasai mara is home to around 200,000 wildebeest and 150,000 zebras in the dry season. zebras and wildebeest cross the mara river in august and september, and lions and leopards are most active during the day. antelopes, including kongoni, klipspringer and greater kudu, feed at night.

in 2008, the kenya wildlife service (kws) announced an ambitious, five-year conservation plan called conservation priorities and action plans (cpap) to protect kenya, including the maasai mara, a sanctuary that is home to more than 60% of the world’s black rhino population. since then, cpap has been implemented with the explicit goal of protecting the mara river basin as a whole, rather than focusing on individual populations of wildebeest and zebra.

the mara river is also the source of the river nairobi, which forms part of the nairobi river basin that stretches for more than 450km, from the kajiado towns up to the shores of lake victoria. this great river is a vital water source for the arid region of northern kenya and for a large part of the east africa region. it also supplies drinking water to the nairobi city and the nairobi region.