. We finished our training at the Storm in summer. Hoping to get out of the office at least once in a while. Since we have a lot of “free-time” here we figure that we might as well go out in the woods. This will be a good chance for an practice of using my AR after all these years. Will be working on bipods, ammo placement, and small arms skills in general. Reece – OK, I’m here to be another of your guinea-pigs for practice! I can of course provide the transportation and lodging if you like. After the weather is cooler I suggest you find other instructors. Until then here I am Justin – I’m coming along, at least, to take you up on your offer. Justin – This is my first muck-job, and to be frank, my first “close range” ever. I hope that is okay. Because of our terrain we are using the 2-gun method…my 12 gage is breaking 10g loaded with #6 green tip up to 1,000 yards…real close range I guess. Also, we are going to need to switch guns about every other shot, to even out the wear and tear of the barrel. If you all are interested in that, i can share my experience on what to do and my thought about reliability in that area, which i will be willing to demonstrate. curious – So what do you have planned? Practice? Targets? We are going to concentrate on 3 sort of things: 1. Improving accuracy. We have a field within reasonable walking distance where we can work on gun sight adjustment and take as many shots as we need to drive home the point. What I have done is bring my home range is a shotgun with me, and a single load of the best BC ammunition I have, and what I choose for a 4×6 alone I can see the drop in accuracy I will have, then we can either switch to the 12 gauge or switch to another load. If you have a gun that is on your range, please have a practice session before we get there. I find that BCs will do everything but accurate reliably at a distance of 60 yards or less, and then fail at 100 yards or more. 2. How to scurry on the move…i’m just not very good at it and the other gentleman here never talks about it. Another great guinea-pig
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As mentioned above, there’s no one-size-fits-all guideline of whether or not you’re “doing it wrong” (if you decide that casual sex is not for you, don’t worry — we all have different definitions of what these things even mean). Being fair, however, if you’re not someone who is (1) curious enough about casual sex to at least try it out, (2) sexually experienced, or (3) taking the safety of yourself, your partner, or children into account, then by all means, you are not going to be satisfied by that kind of relationship. And casual sex has pretty much always been marketed towards those who are at this demographic, like Tinder and its ilk. Here are some ideas of why casual sex could be bad for you. You get it on with an inexperienced person and think you’re too experienced — “A new partner is either more risk, or you’re doing it so well. You should be different,” So says Jodi Jacobson, a psychologist and co-founder of Matchmaker, a dating app dedicated to helping people get in better relationships. “Casual sex can be a mask for a lot of behavior that you don’t want to reveal,” she explains. “Which means it often has a higher risk of someone being hurt.” The ‘we’re just good friends’ argument — which is probably true. If they don’t want a more exclusive relationship with you, then they probably don’t want to have any kind of ongoing relationship with you, so it can be unwise to jump straight to bed. One bad thing will make an issue with casual sex. In order to change what she wanted, as a relationship is growing, she agreed to try things that are even more risky — but “I do what I like,” she says. “The culture of casual sex is that everyone has sex with everyone else. I don’t want to feel like that about myself.” It hurts her self-esteem — Your self-esteem — or your confidence in yourself — depends on what you think about yourself as a person. If you honestly think that casual sex is simply not that big of a deal, then it is more likely to not actually matter that you hooked up with her. But it may be that you are what you think you are, which is the core of identity. And the problem is that you are not the person you think that you are. She suggests therapy and having the right therapy. It hurts someone else — If they are