Note: This method works best if you already have Windows 7 or newer. For Windows 7 and newer you can simply download a virtual machine of Windows 7 or newer and install Windows 10 on it. You can also try the following:
Download the Microsoft Installer for Windows 7 and Windows 8 (64-bit edition) from Microsoft.
Download and install the Windows 10 1809:
1. Create or Restore a Windows 10 recovery drive.
2. Download an ISO image of the current Windows 10 build from the Windows 10 1809 table of contents for the release you have.
3. Download and install the image using the Windows Installer (WIM) method.

This isn’t the easiest method of downloading apps and games for Windows 10. But if you have some prior Windows 10 experience, it’s possible to use the Windows Store update mechanism to install it on a virtual machine and then use that virtual machine to install Windows 10 on your PC. First you need to download the 1809 ISO, which will be necessary as a prerequisite for all later Windows 10 builds. While you could download it manually, you can also grab it from the Microsoft 1809 WU Builder site, which has a Windows 10 ISO builder tool on it.

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