You might have to sign up to be able to download full games, but once you do it is very easy to do. The main things you need to have to download is a paid PSN account to download on, a good internet connection with a good speed, and something to be able to view content (for example on the website).

There are many websites which promise to provide you the official, crack and even the cracked games for free but are not reliable. So it is always a good idea to download only from sites whose source is good and they can prove that with good review websites.

I downloaded my first game from the web a few weeks ago and I must say that it is completely free and only requires a Google account. You just go to the Play Store website and log into your Google account and this is what you should see:

LOLI is one of the best gaming communities out there. Its more of a meta-place where gamers can share their game knowledge, tips, stories, and information. Just enter the site in your web browser and you will see the latest and greatest, new games getting released.

Sony will ask you to login with a Sony ID or a Sony email, but you can always just use a Google account. Each time you sign up it will ask you to add a friend on the PlayStation Network. Since this is completely free you dont have to worry about any possible charge from Sony. Just go to the Playstation website and click on the Download button and it will ask you where you want to install the game.

If you have a PlayStation Plus account you can download the PlayStation Now game streaming service. It will download when it is ready and you can play the game on your PlayStation console or on your smartphone. You can get more info about it on their website.