When you come to browse the internet, one of the first sites you visit is https://4windows.net/category/system/diagnostics/page/2/#main Google because it has so much information. Youve probably come across ads on different websites that link to download torrents or other copyrighted stuff. You might find yourself getting an ad https://4windows.net/360-total-security-repack-last-release/#Download_360_Total_Security_Full_Cracked_Last_version_2022_NEW that looks like this: Weve got your favorite TV series, movies, music and games. Download our free torrents. This is a scam. It will take you to a website that is a fake Google (or Microsoft etc). There, you will be presented with pop-up ads. If you click on them, your Windows will get hit with malware and ransomware. Some hackers/scammers make fake sites that look like Google to earn money from and others go around spamming your internet browser.

The internet grew immensely from the late 1990’s. It became simpler to access and got more developed with a range of ways to connect via various platforms including mobile phones, smart televisions, connected home devices and laptops. Those who have high speed internet connections have the chance to download a larger range of content including video games. Every day millions of gamers download the game that they want to play. This is a form of freedom that you get to enjoy once you get the high speed internet connection. Some of the websites that offer the game for free download have recently been closed down by the legal authorities because of copyright infringement. Some of them are listed below.

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