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All of these actions have been taken to destroy the Syrian democratic system, but they have not been implemented in a way that diminishes his power. Thus, it is essential that we understand that Machiavelli was wrong in thinking that a person could control others by convincing them to believe in a system different from their own. Machiavelli, through his analysis of the need to be virtuous, says that one should pretend to have noble intentions so as to control others and take advantage of them. However, Machiavelli seems to suggest that a ruler who believes they are virtuous is not in control of others. The leader has to know when to believe in their virtuous qualities and when to believe in deceit in order to control their followers. This is something Bashar has not been able to do.

There is another fundamental core belief in the Machiavellian tradition that the ruler must be able to control those who work for them. However, in Assad s case, he has found that this is not the case, because he is not able to control the actions of other groups and individuals.

What will the people of Syria do to you when they learn that you are truly no different than they have always been, have always been the authors and supporters of what they have always been doing to the people of Syria, you, who, as now, are no different than Bashar, being members of his family.

When the shadows increase and the ground shakes because the people are reacting in fear, they are no longer the shadows and the ground is not shaking because of shadows. They are reacting in fear because Bashar is now in fact behaving the same as his father, as his grandfathers, and as his uncles. They are no longer reacting to shadows and to monsters. But rather they are reacting to a man who is now behaving and acting exactly like all of his fathers and uncles before him.

A Syrian opposition party was able to highlight this problem by stating that, even though it can never be forgotten that those who spread sectarianism did so in order to gain freedom and power, there was actually a lack of sectarianism among the opposition. It is clear from the interview that the Syrian president feels this way. He stated that this fear was a good thing because it prevents the spread of sectarianism. It is obvious that what Assad cares about is maintaining his own rule and the continuation of his own family line. So, Assad embraces the fact that there was a lack of sectarianism, but he does not go the entire way and tell the truth about his actions that caused sectarianism. This quote supports the idea that Sunni Islamist militants have been sent into Syria to spread sectarianism. Assad has also made a habit of taking advantage of periods of unrest to uproot democratic practices. He has attempted to silence critics of his regime and remove them through repressive tactics. He has also fomented dissent by allowing conservatives to create fundamentalist Sunni movements such as the Salafist movement to express their frustrations with the government. He is most guilty of this by accepting the advice of Salafists and other fundamentalists. They brought in their own type of freedom to Syria, but instead of respecting individual freedom of religion, they make the entire Syrian society act like a fundamentalist Sunni population. When Assad took over as president, he was very popular in Syria, and people were happy to see him. The Syrian president knows how to exploit the emotions of his citizens, and so he waited until some severe unrest began to see how he could most benefit from this. He rose the price of bread to create an atmosphere of discontent. He got the support of key leaders in the regime and used this against groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood to create an uprising. However, he has not been able to take advantage of the uprising to control more of the country. Not only that, he has also given concessions to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Salafists, who don t share his core beliefs in the future of a democratic Syria. 5ec8ef588b