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The primary function of AutoCAD is to create drawings based on 2D and 3D objects and surfaces, as well as 2D annotations, blocks, and other graphics. AutoCAD files are saved in a proprietary file format called DXF. When AutoCAD was first released, the 2D only version was called AutoCAD 2000. Since that time, several minor versions of AutoCAD have been released, including a 3D version, called AutoCAD LT. The AutoCAD software package has several editors that include drawing tools, feature-based drawing tools, and drafting tools. Some of the tools are contextual and can be controlled using the ribbon, and are used for editing, building, and annotating designs. AutoCAD does not require any prior training to learn how to use, or it is even very simple. When started, the program will begin by creating an initial set of blocks. The steps after that vary depending on how the user interacts with the program. The application is designed in a user interface that is similar to Windows Explorer. It contains three levels. The top level is called the Application Workspace and contains all the parts of the program that allow the user to create, draw, and edit a drawing. The next level is called the Graphics Environment, and contains the block, design-specific tools, layers, and block libraries. When a user creates or opens a drawing, that drawing is saved in a drawing environment. This is the default working environment for all drawings the user creates, edits, or loads. The lowest level is the drawing level. It contains the drawing itself. When a user creates a drawing, the program creates a drawing environment for that drawing. The program contains a number of geometric objects to be used as drawing tools. These objects are called objects. Any drawing tool can be used to create a geometric object, which can then be used to create a new drawing. When creating a new drawing, it is possible to either create a new drawing in a new drawing environment, or open an existing drawing from another drawing environment. This is done by right-clicking on the drawing tab and selecting the Open Drawing command. When using the drawing environment, drawing tools can be used to create geometric objects, and a drawing can be edited by using the drawing tools and the editing tools. AutoCAD contains standard drawing tools, such as lines, arcs, rectangles

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Save your favorite layers and layers you use most often as AutoCAD user-defined layers. Now you can quickly find a tool, a design choice, or some other information for the drawing you are working on. (video: 1:17 min.) Create new layer properties in AutoCAD quickly and easily. A new “Create New Layer” tool is available in the Layer Properties Manager. Extend your drawing area and work at the dimensions you prefer with the newly updated Extend tool. (video: 3:00 min.) Open and close files quickly and easily with the new Open and Close option. (video: 1:07 min.) Dynamically add reference lines to drawings. When you work with reference lines, you don’t have to wait for your model to complete the next drawing. You can dynamically add or delete reference lines. Select drawings for sharing and printing. Get back to your drawings quickly by selecting them all from a list or group with the new Select and Share functions. From a list or group, quickly and easily share your drawings and their dimensions. View your drawings online and in Web-based applications. Import from SVG directly into AutoCAD. With the new Import option in the File menu, you can import vector data directly from SVG files. (video: 2:13 min.) Improvements in Structural Dynamics: Manage and query a large number of dynamic structures and animation paths easily. Now you can more easily query the current or most recent dynamic structure, including its start and stop times and its reference frame. Make structural analysis as intuitive and transparent as possible. The analysis tools are more accurate and easier to use. Easily include the influence of proximity or overlap in structural analysis. Group structural elements and you can now see them in the Fillet, Revolve, and Fuse toolbars or using the Group command. Handle optimization algorithms more efficiently with improved memory management. New menu, dialog, and ribbon functions that help you work with structural dynamics. Easier connectivity between the Revolve and Fillet tools and the Move command. AutoCAD 2020: Live Design and Data Collaboration: Draw and edit models together as if they were one drawing. The new Sharing Drawing option lets you easily share a drawing and the linked dimensions. (

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