Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard


Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard

the software will then ask you to confirm that you want to install the software on the dante virtual soundcard. this can be done by using the “yes” button or by clicking on the “no” button to cancel the installation. after clicking on “yes”, the “installing” message will appear for a few seconds, and then the “success” message will be displayed. finally, the software will be installed on the dante virtual soundcard.

when using the software, it is important to note that it is not possible to play back the audio while recording it. however, this is not a problem since dante is a “recording” device. the user can record at the same time as playing back, and when the recording is finished, he can play it back and stop.

dante virtual soundcard is a virtual audio interface that emulates an audio interface with real-time object-based audio analysis and synthesis algorithms. audinate dante virtual soundcard extends the functionality of existing dante products by providing an interface that emulates a hardware interface in software. the result of this is a powerful and easy to use interface which gives the user all the advantages of audio hardware without requiring a snake, converters or cables. its programming is as simple as sending commands to a usb port to play, record or process audio. all the flexibility and possibilities that dante offers in software are now available in a virtual soundcard.

no need to worry about configuration, drivers or fiddling with converters. you can simply plug in any soundcard, connect a line-in or out jack and start recording or playing audio. the sound card can be connected to any application that has a line input or out, and it provides a virtual interface that allows any soundcard or audio application to appear as though it is hardware.