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Asterix And Obelix Mission Cleopatra 720p

shocked by this, caesar angrily rejects cleopatra’s choice of architect, but the intelligent woman offers an alternate plan: for all the anger, she is willing to sign a treaty with him as she has no desire to start a war. to this end, he chooses the brightest and wittiest of his young elite as envoy, pothos (ali ettoukia) – with the agreement that his life will be spared if he fails. to enforce the terms of the treaty, cleopatra immediately has pothos and his fellow envoy, festus (florent abatte) to build a new palace by the end of the month. she then dispatches them to inspect the work on the outside of the palace.

after the local edifis falls to his death while taking measurements, caesar decides to consult with the professor of his philosophy, getafix. the word “philosophy” itself is derived from the greek word for “love of wisdom,” a word used by platonic philosophers to describe an ideal state of intellectual and emotional harmony. between them, the two offer the roman emperor the standards of real understanding that the egyptians lack, and that he should be able to avoid any desire to be like the egyptians that he may have. cleopatra has a variety of problems: two of her three architects are no longer loyal to her, her loyal advisor tutos (jamel debbouze) seems to be conspiring against her, and caesar’s young ally pothos (ali ettoukia) keeps harassing her with “his way of talking.” still, her biggest problem is poor obelix (geraard depardieu), who has decided to enter a loincloth competition while drinking milk from a nile crocodile, which is the latest fashion in egypt.

The most successful live action version of the tale was the 2001 movie Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, which has an all-star cast, as the French public now expect: Yentl (Blunt) is the pretty Cleopatra, Herbie Fisher (Claude Rich) is the Druid and Gerard Depardieu (Obelix) is Horace, Caesar’s personal hunter. The story parallels the events of the original French comics; however, some aspects of the characterisation are more realistic, with the appealing endearing Obelix getting drunk with Horace, and him and Herbie trying to persuade him to join the effort to protect Cleo. You don’t actually see them get drunk – but they mention it later. The plot is as simple as it needs to be, although it does stretch the original story and the fourth wall is more than a little shaky, with the film itself interjected by the talking heads of the main characters. Overall the story is very well told – but it is hard not to notice the main character, Obelix, is as much part of the comic as the main character, Caesar. Characters are allowed to have a quiet conversation with themselves as they do during most of the film. I like the idea, but the lines are a little too well-worn. The only one of the live action versions not to be nominated for an Oscar, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra is the best of the bunch and is recommended. Some of the jokes do not translate and the film is not entirely faithful to the graphics – although comparisons are tricky because some of the characters are depicted in earlier poses; Obelix is quite heroic. Set in the year 45 B.C.E., the tale sees the Gauls headed by Obelix (as the character) to rescue Cleopatra (Bellucci) from a Greek assault. 5ec8ef588b