After a spell of hibernation, Shattered Memories is reborn in a new edition. The author of the game, Giulio Camilleri, presents his first games and shows off his brand new artwork. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Corchado-Barra Luis Alfredo Corchado-Barra (born 24 July 1985) is a Spanish professional golfer. He plays on the Challenge Tour. He has won five Challenge Tour events and finished runner-up at the 2010 BMW International Open. Amateur career Born in León, Spain, Corchado-Barra was a highly successful junior golfer. He came through the development programme of the Spanish PGA to win the Spanish Amateur Open Championship in 2004. The following year he was the Spanish Amateur Champion and was named Young Spanish Amateur of the Year by the Spanish Golf Federation. He represented the Spanish Young Professionals at the 2004 Open Championship and was part of their winning team. Corchado-Barra turned professional in July 2005 and played his first Challenge Tour event in September. He won the 2005 Mole Cricket Open on the Challenge Tour by two strokes, becoming the first Challenge Tour player to win on his debut. He followed this up by winning the 2006 Itv bwin Primecom Czech Masters and finishing runner-up at the 2007 British Challenge Tournament, both held in Spain. Professional career Corchado-Barra was offered a full Challenge Tour card for the 2010 season and was given conditional status. In 2009 he had finished the year with totals of 42, 71, 58, 78 and 56 to finish joint runner-up with Paul McLeod at the 2010 BMW International Open. In 2010 he shot a flawless round of 65 to win the Canary Islands Open, his fifth Challenge Tour win. In October 2010 he took the first prize of 100,000 euros at the Open de France 2010 and at the start of 2011 he finished joint runner-up at the South African Spring Open and the ITM Grand Final held in Jersey. Amateur wins 2003 Spanish Amateur Open Championship 2004 Spanish Amateur Open Championship Professional wins (5) Challenge Tour wins (5) Results in major championships Note: Corchado-Barra only played in The Open Championship. CUT = missed the half way cut Team appearances Amateur Jacques L


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    System Requirements:

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