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Reverse Engineering
Hacking I.T. – Decoding Skillsyoushootinghacking
The internet is full of information of all shapes and sizes. The key to extracting useful information from a site, or document is to be able to read and comprehend the information on the page. The chapters in this book provide a methodical step-by-step method for extracting the information you want. The information obtained through this method can be used to uncover new questions, write new ideas, or even obtain a better understanding of what you do every day.

As you work through the pages you will encounter problems that will challenge your skill in many areas of the methodical way of reverse engineering. These problems will test your knowledge of computer and internet security, as well as how to extract useful information from a specific document or website.
Use this book to help you bypass computer passwords, collect account details, hack your way into a wireless network, hack computers, or gain access to restricted areas.

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