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. (27) Aleph. Leibniz and the Laplacian Salamander. Martin Davis. of the salamanders and birdwings. Thesis. Martin Davis, University of California, Berkeley; William E. .Spatial variations in stem density and complexity of arboreal ants in Brazilian tropical forests: implications for the structure of ant communities. The spatial distribution of the abundance and diversity of arboreal ant species was analyzed in the Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. The study focused on two ectomycorrhizal forms (EcM and AMF) of the most widespread species in the area, Pheidole megacephala, and on one hemi-hymenopteran species, Plectreurys maculatus. Both species are generalist predators and pests of hardwood and decaying wood and represent key organisms for the recycling of organic matter in tropical forests. We analyzed the pattern of spatial distribution of the ants according to forest type and season of the year, as well as ant density and diversity within one season and month. The results showed a gradient of decreasing abundances from lower to higher altitudes, from humid to dry and from montane to upper montane forests. Both ants showed an aggregated distribution in most of the forest types with a stronger aggregation in humid forest types. Ant density in relation to both altitude and forest type showed the highest values in the montane forests. The density of both ants in rain forest was very low when compared with other forest types. The results also showed that the ant density in the dry season was lower than in the wet season, when rainfall is more intense. Seasonal variations in ant abundance were more marked for the ants than for the hemi-hymenopteran species and were associated with the dispersal of ants by wind and raindrops. Finally, a spatial pattern of low ant density was observed in the hemi-hymenopterans in montane rain forests. Our results suggest that the arboreal ant fauna in the studied area is highly structured into two groups, one composed of generalist ants that respond mainly to forest structural characteristics, and the other composed of ants that are highly dependent on plant defense in order to fulfill their role in recycling organic matter in tropical forests.INFRASTRUCTURE Mobile Infrastructure We believe in building what other companies can’t. The best infrastructure solutions are those that foster innovation and efficiency. For complex projects, we combine

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