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Alex Rutherford Empire Of The Moghul Series Pdf Free 12

This title marks the end of a family project, begun nearly 20 years ago, and concludes with Alexs epic trek to the Indian subcontinent. The Alexanders visit is filled with adventure, from a visit to Hoshahara in central India to the Samudra ma pond in Bhutan. Empire of the Moghuls is the ultimate travel guide and the travellers country diary.

Both intriguing and entertaining, Empire of the Moghuls is the perfect holiday read. It is also a beautifully written piece of historical fiction which stands on its own as a piece of historical and cultural exploration in its own right.

The Ballantynes served the Moghuls, first as imperial bodyguards before being employed as mercenaries by rival European powers. Alex Rutherford is wont to glorify the flaws in the Ballantynes motivations, and their tendency to regard themselves as not quite part of the national body of servants. The book is the second in Alex Rutherfords historical fiction series, A Kingdom Divided and Ruler of the World. Fortunes Soldier is licensed under Creative Commons, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

The Ballantynes bought the search-and-rescue mission of a run-down cottage near their isolated farm in Scotland. They received no compensation for the property which had been left to them as an inheritance, and must have known they didnt own it; yet they saw it as an asset in their line of work. Alex Rutherford portrays them as morally and temperamentally unsuited to their position, and as troubled by the underlying politics of their work: particularly for their employer, the Scottish nobleman and general William Roy.

Alex Rutherfords Fortunes Soldier is a steamy historical romance featuring a love triangle between the betrayed princess of the novel, a disillusioned British officer and the mysterious and rebellious daughter of one of the main character’s in the book. The cover image shows the reunited pair. Alex: I have been asked to interview a figure from my series. This particular person is the real thing. He was there. He saw it all. He knows who to believe. I shall not name him. It was a war. A war between two great empires. And these are my words. Where is this interview? Alexander Rutherfords novel is a thrilling, powerful epic of war, intrigue and passion. The story is set in a time and place just beneath the surface of history, where the intrigue of emperors and tyrants, and the intrigues of families and alliances, are mixed with the ruinous strife of those who ruled less well. Be warned. This is not a light read. I had to think back. I had to look into my own mind, back into the memories of those years, to make sense of events which occurred decades ago. Sometimes, it did not matter what was true and what was fiction, truth was truth and fiction was fiction. I could be patient. I could wait. The Alex Rutherford Empire of the Moghuls continues this fine tradition of collaborative historical research. Many interesting correspondences have come from this venture that we hope will be reproduced in The Alex Rutherford Empire of the Moghuls. 5ec8ef588b€-__exclusive__/