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Download Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack Free

The 14th edition of the award-winning Queen of the Damned (Music From the Motion Picture) interactive CD-ROM, has been developed by Internet Digital Media Limited in association with The Hollywood Music Center, which is the film studio that produced the movie. Their goal was to present the composer/arranger’s score to the *movie’s soundtrack CD to be played along side the computer game. The pages contains 547 pages of sheet music and a CD with all the compositions of the movie score. To be sure you can hear the score in its original edition as played on the movie, we also present the audio demo of the game and the soundtrack CD. *(Picture Queen Of The Damned soundtrack with the background of the movie) The book includes all the charts of the game and a movie soundtrack CD (Album Queen Of The Damned). In the 2nd cd the soundtrack of the game and the main movie soundtrack are joined together. By pressing the REPLAY button, you can listen the full version of both the game and movie soundtrack. The page contains all the compositions of the game. – Home page : 16 pages of piano and keyboard arrangements, dedicated to the 2nd theme of the game. – Artist page : 17 pages of piano, keyboard and orchestral arrangements by Rebecca Lowthorpe. – Assignments page : 8 pages of piano and keyboard arrangements of the main themes of the game and of the movie soundtrack. – Emblems page : 10 pages of piano and keyboard arrangements of the symphonic themes. – Poems page : 11 pages of piano and keyboard arrangements of the piano pieces from the movie soundtrack. – Special emblems : 13 pages of piano and keyboard arrangements by Paul Anderson. – Queen of the Damned page : 79 pages of keyboard, piano and orchestral arrangements of all the main themes of the movie. – Queen of the Damned page : 82 pages of piano and keyboard arrangements of the piano pieces from the movie soundtrack. – Queen of the Damned page : 36 pages of keyboard, piano and orchestral arrangements of the symphonic themes. The game may ask you for information that can be used to generate passwords that will give you access to certain areas of the game. This information is generally used to secure your progress, and is not used for any other purpose, including tracking your progress. Some information may be used to generate passwords that provide different types of access to different areas of the game


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